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Atlantic Icon, Corp.  defines major economy and business development factors
and associates them directly with the company’s operating reforms.

The company systematically examines construction industry's most competitive
aspects and combines them with thorough understanding of local dynamics.

The company remains focused on markets deviation effective immediately and
thereafter, and converts potential into a great opportunity for procurement and
business enterprise.

The company explores new and any reasonably promising trends for  business
promotion, and invests in progressive practices.

The company accounts for funding and treats all forms of market expansion as
a pledge for advancement, capital gain, and independence.
Employing a full scope of business expansion,
prime contractor Atlantic Icon, Corp. sets  the  
goal to multiply multi-million dollar contracting
operations and areas of performance.
Atlantic Icon, Corp.  draws upon information from the variety of sources  and introduces different
approach to critical decision making.  The company  identifies and addresses areas of concerns,
and methodically applies predetermined keys to succeed:
Safety at the job sites where peoples'
health and safety is superior priority.
Security of structures in the high velocity  
and hazard zones.
Environmental protection in support of
ecosystem and natural balance.
Financial stability, national economy,  and
global relations.
Prevent accidents by strictly enforcing
OSHA and EM-385-1-1 safety rules.
Collaborate with market-driven solutions
and governing authorities.
Incorporate sustainable and impact
resistant building applications.
Remain profitable, support national
economy, and capitalize dollar value.
Points of Attention
Keys to Success
Atlantic Icon, Corp.  secures market alliances
by activating essential support from U.S.SBA,
SAME, PTAC, WIPP, and through competitive
bidding and government contracting.
Atlantic Icon, Corp. has developed a business
plan and thrives to succeed in served markets
by fulfilling its principals,  and by learning from
best experiences of the industry's leaders.
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