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Employment Opportunity

Atlantic Icon, Corp.  secures expanding of operations by hiring talents and by implementing systems.
The company  views realization of  efficient systems  as a fundamental step  in sustaining  profitable.  

Each system must  exercise minds constantly occupied in all processes from planning to completion,
and be led by a designated member from the group of qualified employees. The team of leaders will
comprise  management  to develop strategies and  conceive tactics  for  the uncompromized safety,
growth, productivity, and the company's profitability.  

Atlantic Icon, Corp. invests in various training programs for motivated staff, and supports continuous
education.  Effective  systems  shall  be  launched  for  the following  segments of business, with the
order rotating as deemed necessary:

1.   Office Organization System
2.   Marketing and Research System
3.   Estimating and Proposal Negotiation System
4.   Projects Management System
5.   Financial Management System

The company pronounces high expectations for talented individuals seeking long term employment,
respects  their dignity, and recognizes their merit. Employees are encouraged to retain sense of job
security and pride in their mission for career.

Atlantic Icon, Corp.presents equal opportunity for advancement, promotion, and employment for the
qualified employees and successful candidates.
Joint Ventures and Teaming

As essential means to reduce risks and achieve greater performance
capability, Atlantic Icon, Corp. shares its interest and invites business
partners to engage in joint ventures and teaming agreements.     
Outsourcing Services

Atlantic Icon, Corp.  ensures and arranges to outsource professional
services including services of legal representatives, architectural and
engineering consultants, business mentors and developers, analysts
and financial advisors.
Sub-contracting Relations Development

Due to the nature of construction industry and business,  and to fulfill
specific project's requirements, Atlantic Icon, Corp.utilizes services of
dependable specialty subcontractors, as well as combination of other
resources available including services of work force agencies.
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