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Atlantic Icon, Corp.  has successfully completed quality service at various sites:

  Government Operation Posts and Administrative Centers
  Airports, Special Operation Units and Hangar Yards
  Maintenance and Service Stations
  Historical Buildings and Museums
  Environmentally Sensitive Preserves, National and Public Parks
  Hospitals and Recreational Facilities
  Educational Institutions and Schools
   Special Operation Ports and Office Spaces
  Multipurpose Centers and Single Family Habitats
   Hotels, Restaurants and Shopping Malls
  Places of Worship and Mixed-Use Auditoriums
Atlantic Icon, Corp. performs as prime contractor.  We self-perform large portions of  works
on all of our projects where we care for value, bring solutions, and prove results.

We  provide design-build,  general contracting,  construction management, facility support
and environmental remediation services with primary focus on the federal government and
public works:

  Design-Build and Energy Sustainable Construction
 Green Leed Architectural Design and Engineering
 Environmental Works and Site Developments
  Dredging and Construction of Waterway Dikes
 Seawall Construction, Piles Driving and Anchoring
 Concrete Abutments and Installation of Bridges
 Maintenance of Runways, Parking Lots, and Paving
 Underground Utility, Excavation, and Shore Stabilization
 Capital Improvements and Remediation of Existing Facilities

Along with specialty trades the company's cost effective services include design and value engineering, time management for projects execution, securing permits, materials delivery
lead time and coordination, review and endorsement of the drawings and submittals, labor
force administration,  onsite safety program implementation, equipment acquisition, quality
and performance control,  payments certification conformity,  construction inspections and
warranty, and strict compliance with laws and ordinances.

Clearing  of vegetation,  fire break lines formation, waterways restoration,  maintenance of
wetlands, and errosion control also make part of company’s diversified portfolio of projects.