Outstanding workmanship,  dedicated safety measurements,  security,  and  the customers'  extreme  satisfaction
all combined are a must fulfillment for Atlantic Icon, Corp.  at each  and every project.  With the earned reputable
experience on hands,  Atlantic Icon, Corp.  continues  raising bar for construction quality performance,  recognizes
and implements major components for uncompromized safety and quality control procedures:

Our Project Managers and Superintendents  have been certified  through the CQM-C program offered by USACE
and  NAVFAC,  comply  with
30-Hour OSHA  and  40-Hour HAZWOPER safety training,  and implement without
compromize the
EM-385-1-1 safety standards and the 3-Phase quality control.

Atlantic Icon, Corp.  is enthusiastic about safety and quality control procedures, and is on constant outlook for the
new and effective methods of validation.
Safety & Quality

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